No more frustrations when you see a fault! This is a free solution for download. MyservmyServ is an intelligent mobile app that allows citizens to report faults to the municipality by simply taking a photo of the fault and adding the description (e.g. faulty streetlight) which the app will instantly deliver the fault details to the relevant person in the municipality. It automatically takes the exact GPS location of the fault when the citizen reports it. The purpose of this app is to make the lives of people easier by providing a direct platform to engage with the municipality at a low cost. It also enables the municipality to effectively gather key service delivery issues because the municipality cannot be everywhere to identify faults. The system works on all smart phones (i.e. Android, Apple, Windows and Blackberry).


NoeMunServ more invisibility and out of control of service delivery issues. eMunServ enables the municipality to monitor and track all reported faults throughout its entire life cycle. It seamlessly collates incidents reported using myServ, by telephone, email and fax, and then dispatches the work to relevant employees including those in remote areas. The system makes it convenient for the municipality to provide accurate information instantly when there are follow ups regarding reported faults. It promotes a paperless environment that increases operational efficiency. eMunServ is highly recommended by management because of its capability to provide statistical reports and graphs enabling informed decision.


Make your institution stand out above the rest! SmartCIMS (Smart Campus Information smartcimsManagement System) is a highly customizable and comprehensive solution for Higher Education Institutions (e.g. Colleges). It provides full control of the administration of the institution. All the rich features (e.g. streamlined Students Enrollment, Dynamic Marks/Results Generation, Students/Parents communication, Student Fees Payment and Auto-tracking, Staff and course Management, etc) are integrated into a single system and accessed by a click of a button. SmartCIMS can be accessed anytime anywhere (i.e in different offices or campuses) by multiple users. 


Today’s most convenient and affordablemy chat chanel 1 Customer communication tool! The untapped potential for your business! No more customers to be worried about high voice call costs when they want to contact your business regarding sales related questions or support request. myLiveTalk provides your customers with immediate access to live help at an exceptional inexpensive cost. It is an answer to both rural and urban markets. myLiveTalk routes to the appropriate customer service agent to initiate communication live.  This solution provides your business with real-time communication monitoring and analytics.  It is easily integrated into other systems (e.g. CRM, incident management, etc). Stay connected to your customers, you are right in their pockets at their fingertips.


No more limitations with access to learning! As the traditional model of education is E-learningevolving, e-Learning brings a new dimension. It allow educators to easily post course material and assessments online for learners to access them anytime, wherever they are. The need and costs for printing out paper-based study material and assessments is reduced. E-Learning allow educators to achieve a great degree of coverage for their students. It allows for students to post their work online within the predefined due dates. This results in a higher knowledge retention rate.  It gives students the freedom to learn at their own convenience, and at a pace that is suitable for them. E-Learning can be accessible on mobile phones, thus allowing students to makes use of resources and technologies already at their fingertips. It fosters greater student interaction and collaboration through technology.