Business Analysis & Consulting

Implementing successful projects does not just require technical skills (or a system that is technically smooth), but the ability to effectively analyse business processes, problems, opportunities, business requirements and  translate them into comprehensive solution requirements that talks to your business strategic and operational objectives. The ultimate purpose is to add tangible value to your business ensuring the return on investment. Our team has extensive experience in business and systems analBa photo4ysis, using leading international best practices. Our passion is to design solutions that improves the performance of your business. Key activities include but are not limited to:

  1. Feasibility Study and produce a Business Case.
  2. Requirements analysis and produce Functional Requirements Specification
  3. Business Process Improvement and Automation
  4. Establishing Software Test cases and UATs (User Acceptance Testing)
  5. Developing ICT Governance frameworks including IT Strategy.

Software Development

We develop software solutions that are tailored to your business requirements with the main focus on usability and security. We employ Agile software development methodology to ensure that you start benefiting from the solution as quickly as possible and guarantee visibility throughout the project. We develop software solutions that are highly scalable, reliable, secure, flexible and intelligent. We work onsoftware-dev-agile-process projects of diverse complexity, ranging from simple information systems to complex enterprise type systems. We specialise in the following areas:

  1. Mobile Apps (for Android, iphone and windows mobile devices) 
  2. Web based development
  3. Systems integration 
  4. Software Quality Assurance

Business Data Analytics

We unearth your valuable business insights hidden in your data by visually presenting reports and management dashboards with informative graphs. We extract information collected from multiple electronic sources and analyse it. Reporting tools help you understand your operations, customers, brand, competitors, financial, supply chain and market opportunities within a snapshot view of key information. The growing demand for advanced digital technology Busi Intelcreates both an opportunity and a challenge for enterprises to take advantage of interactive dashboard applications to effectively illustrate key performance indicators and trends. Our experienced data analytic specialists ensure that the following benefits are realised:

  1. Easily monitor the performance of your business with both a high level summary view as well as the ability to drill down into the granular business details.
  2. Real-time relevant information to help you make informed, innovative and intelligent business decisions.
  3. Ease administrative burdens associated with manual data analysis and reporting by automation.